----- Our Projects -----

Wordlists Online

Wordlists Online is a tool for searching for words. Users can generate a wordlist by entering an elementary constraint.

Word of The Hour

Word of The Hour is a project to publish one uncommon word every hour to help readers expand their vocabulary. Words are generated algorithmically using a public domain data set.

Sentences Online

Sentences Online is a tool for finding example sentences for words. It currently supports English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

The Infinity Tree

The infinity tree is an ever expanding tree of words and definitions. When you enter a word, it will display the word's definition. Then, it will start expanding the definition of words in the definition creating a seemingly infinite sized tree.

Public Domain Word Lists

A project to collect, create, and publish public domain word lists. All word lists found in this repository are in a plain text format and are free for use in any kind of project.

----- Projects by Friends -----


Currently recruiting beta testers for a neat app that automatically tracks the time you spend on different applications and generates time sheets and invoices for you. All tracked data is private.

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